Chocolate or Vanilla?

In our house, one of our favorite spots for a special treat is at our local frozen yogurt shop. This is the kind of shop that allows you to pick your own yogurt from at least 16 different flavors and about a bajillion different toppings. The combinations are limitless, so of course, when you bring two 3-year olds with you, the process of selection takes longer than the actual act of eating the sweet treat.

Swirl hatIt’s been a while since we started frequenting the shop so my kids are veterans of this ordeal. My kids even discuss their options before we get there. E tends to pick fruity flavors of yogurt and tops her yogurt with fruit and mochi balls. T’s yogurt pick is always a surprise and he wants the wackiest flavor combinations. His choice of toppings? Mochi balls and chocolate. Lately though, they’ve been on this kick of trying the swirled flavors.

swirl hat 3This brings flashbacks to the early 90’s–soft serve ice cream cones. Or frozen yogurt. I don’t quite remember the difference since I was only a wee little one. Anyway, that swirled frozen treat on a cone. Following me? I know for a fact that I ALWAYS chose the chocolate and vanilla swirl. I am a huge vanilla fan, but I know if I could have BOTH and not have to choose, I always went with the swirl. Enter, my chocolate and vanilla swirl cone hat.


This hat was made for my daughter using my Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone Slouchy Hat pattern in the child’s size and some tedious color changes, but she is so adorable wearing it and absolutely loves it. Of course, my son wants one now, buuuuut winter is sadly over. We’ll see young man.

swirl hat 2



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