DIY Yoga Mat Bag

So I’ve started taking yoga. It’s now part of my weekend routine and I freaking love it. It started with me wanting to check out a yoga studio near my house that offers free childcare during classes, but when I went to look up class time info, I found out that the studio had closed down 😞 Anyway, it ended up with me and two of my girlfriends hitting the studio that one of them already attended.


13754566_10208188723929746_2115854916917643698_nMy first ‘not-in-your-living-room-using-a-video’ yoga class was a Hot Flow class and now, that’s all I want to do. Something about sweating profusely during yoga is intoxicating and you become addicted almost immediately. I am not exaggerating when I say that I could literally wring out every article of clothing and my sweat towel after class was over. But it felt fan-freaking-tastic.

Insert the craftaholic’s thought process:

  1. Start doing hot yoga.
  2. Realize hot yoga creates a good amount of sopping wet…things.
  3. Decide I need something to cart these sweaty things back and forth.

Now, the average person would say, “Hey, I’ve got a bag I can use to do this.” Done. That’s it. That’s the end of their thought process. I don’t understand that simplicity, but to each their own. No, when you’re a craftaholic, you spend an hour perusing Pinterest trying to find the *perfect* tutorial for the bag you must have for this new activity . I had to have pinned a dozen different prototypes, but finally narrowed it down to just a few:

Screenshot (2)

Well, obviously, the next step was to take out my sewing machine and hit up my fabric stash so I could get started right away. (And my husband wonders how it is that I can get distracted so easily…pssshh, you really have no idea honey.) Nevermind the fact that there were 4 loads of laundry that were waiting to be done, I had to do this right away (even though I had a good couple of days before my next yoga class). I found a big panel of fabric that was perfect for the outer layer and the straps, but the inner lining was another story. Let me tell you, I did not plan on piecing together and patchworking 2 entire inner panels, but when you have no matching fabric in the large size you need, you make do. I think the inside turned out kinda cool and goes with the rainbow stripes of the exterior. I mean, I did Pin a patchwork style bag for this project inspiration.


Inside patchwork panel with 2 pockets.

I used this tutorial here and modified it just a little to suit my needs. My modifications:

  1. I did not use the webbing for straps like the tutorial suggests, but used matching fabric that I made into straps.
  2. I added an exterior pocket like this adaptation to the original pattern did with a Kam Snap to close it.
  3. I also added an interior pocket that is divided down the center, making it into 2 pockets with Kam Snaps to close them.
  4. I thought the top side seams collapsed a ton when I was wearing the bag, so I added a Kam Snap on the seams on either end of the bag to give it a little bi-fold look. It can easily be unsnapped if I need to.

And, voila! I’m done! I’m excited to use it this weekend!



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