Flowered Unicorn

Social media can be so awesome. I like being able to keep in touch with my friends and family that live so far away. It’s also really neat to be able to connect with people from my youth. An old friend of mine from my childhood that I grew up ice skating with had a daring little girl about a year ago, and I’ve enjoyed seeing all of her daughter’s awesome photos and funny little antics over the last year…thanks to social media. So, naturally, I was excited when my friend asked me to make a stuffed unicorn for her daughter.


The pattern is an easy work-up. The hair and tail are the pieces that take the most time. I went with my favorite yarn–I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby in Menthe, Mango, White, and Yellow. It’s such a soft yarn that’s both wonderful to work and snuggle with. The unicorn pattern is by the creator of One Dog Woof. The tail was made with 9 curls (3 of each color) by chaining 30+3 HDC in each chain.

My only alterations this time around included yarn eyes instead of safety eyes and a different color change. This was my first time using this color change and let me tell you, I love the result. As you can see, the color change here results in a nice solid line of color change, rather than the typical jagged edge.


The flower on the ear of the unicorn was the only request made by my friend other than the yarn eyes. I really think the flower finishes this unicorn’s look.


I recently hit my one year mark since learning how to crochet, and it was so fitting to make this unicorn because this is the same unicorn pattern I used one year ago for my very first crochet project. It’s a fun project that’s great for both beginners and those with some practice under their belt. Hope you love it Audrey!


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