Baskets Galore!!

I‘ve been on a basket kick lately. It started with a huge pile of t-shirts from my husband. His job is changing out uniforms right now so he had this big pile of t-shirts that he was going to THROW AWAY! (Throw away? Are you kidding me? What kind of crafter would I be if I didn’t think of something brilliant to do with them instead of throwing them out? I mean, really, I wasn’t hoarding them…I was merely saving the landfill from filling up.)


Following this tutorial, I turned this pile of shirts into….t-shirt yarn!!! I liked this tutorial the best because it made the entire t-shirt into one seamless strand of yarn, rather than a ton of individual strips per shirt. I can’t tell you how many yards of yarn I got with this, but the whole pile of shirts made two large-ish balls.


By the way, just be warned, that depending on the type of material your t-shirts are made out of, they may leave behind a sprinkling of ‘dust’ that gets everywhere like this. It was a pain in the butt. When I used this yarn to make the basket, I put my WIP and the yarn balls on a blanket because it was covering myself and the couch with all of it’s ‘dust.’


Anyway, I created my husband a basket for his desk at work so he could put all of his coffee maker things in it (coffee, creamer, sweetener, mug). I thought it was cute that it’s made out of his old work uniform shirts…and he has the basket on his desk at work. lol


Here’s the link to the basket pattern. The t-shirt yarn basket was made holding two strands of the t-shirt yarn together (that was not an easy task and worked up really slow because of the bulk) and I only made the small size.

My kids loved the basket so much, I made each of them one to store their things in the back seat of my van (sunglasses, books, small toy). They were even more stoked that I let them choose 6 colors for their basket. Yes, I said 6. I used 6 strands at once to make these baskets nice and sturdy so they stood up by themselves (using an 8.0mm hook). At least with this yarn, it was a very fast work-up compared to the homemade t-shirt yarn basket.

Using my favorite I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby, little Miss picked out Pink, Hot Rose, Turquoise, Ocean, Purple, and Amethyst. I made the larger sized basket for both of my kids and because of the difference in yarn size, they worked up to the same size as the t-shirt yarn basket I made first.


Little man picked out his favorites for his basket: Red, Yellow, Royal (blue), Jellybean (green), White, and Greybeard. My husband says his choice reminds him of the Fruit Stripe gum from when he was a kid (remember that colorfully wrapped zebra gum?…yeah, I never had it, but I remember that wrapper from the supermarket checkout line.)


And they are the perfect size to sit on the middle seat between their two carseats. Now I don’t have things falling on the floor of my van every time we go somewhere.


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