Car Organizers

I pride myself on not being a messy person. Like, I probably should have sought some professional help with this at some point in my past because I do think about organizing and rearranging things more than I probably should. But, it doesn’t keep me up at night and it doesn’t usually stop me from being productive (unless I have one of those rare ‘I must empty every cabinet in the kitchen to purge and rearrange’ moments), so I just embrace it.

This is the back of my van. Well, was the back of my van. Not too bad, right? Well, it drove me crazy. I felt like there was just so much stuff in the van with the big pink milk crate full of the essentials (extra clothes, towels, blanket, wipes…just stuff you need with two young kids). So, I wanted to do something about it.


I had previously made these pretty striped things to put on the seats when my kids were rear-facing in their carseats so their feet wouldn’t get the actual seats in my car covered in grossness. Since they’re now facing the front of the van, I no longer need them. So, I decided not to let them go to waste and added mesh pockets to them.


My mom was visiting when I did this and she helped me out by ripping the edging off of both of these so I could hide the edges of the mesh under them along the edges. I hate using my seam ripper, so I’m glad she was here to help me with it.


Since the third row of my van is almost never up and in use, I attached these seat organizers to the back of my second row seats. Voila! I was able to get rid of that pink milk crate and still have the things I need with us. They’re not the easiest to get to (you can’t reach them unless you get into the back of the van), but since the stuff in there is just for ‘in case of,’ it’s fine. Much better. The clutter look from before isn’t there anymore.




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