Messy Bun Hats

I jumped on the messy bun bandwagon. If you’re unaware, these ‘messy bun hats’ took over the crochet world on social media for a bit. I’m not usually one to jump on the bandwagon with things like this, but after having to flat iron my curly hair so I could wear my hair down for the sole purpose of wearing a winter hat one day, I grabbed my hook and whipped one up for myself. Besides, I needed to make myself an Ohio State University colored hat.


Using an H (5.00mm) hook and Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn (in Red, Ivory, and Greybeard), I followed Sarah Zimmerman’s pattern from Repeat Crafter Me. I made just a few modifications to suit my needs better. In Sarah’s pattern, the starting round works around a joined chain (the hole for your messy bun), but I wanted mine to be able to stretch as needed, so instead, I worked my starting stitches around 2 rubber hair ties. I also added a few extra cluster V-stitch rows as Sarah’s pattern was just a bit too short for my head. And I added a tiny little bow using this pattern.


When I showed a friend of mine this hat, she had to have one as well. So I made her an Ohio State colored messy bun hat. Well, she loved it so much, she asked for another one when I showed her this one with a huge bow on the backside. And it is so stinking cute with that giant bow under her messy bun.15940545_10155027912444916_8305495061213370803_n

I did the same thing for the hat as stated above, but the bow was my own. Using an I hook, I chained 35, joining at the end. Continued to make 4 rounds of DC. Before fastening off, I folded the band in half with the seam down the center (not edge) and loosely sewed both layers together, cinching at the bottom. For the band to cover the middle, I chained about 13 (you’ll have to try this out for yourself to see what works) and HDC for 2 rows. Before fastening off, I left a long tail and joined both ends of this small piece on the backside of the bow, sewing them together. I used that long tail to attach to the hat. Simple and cute!


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