My First YouTube Video!

As we’re gearing up for the start of our FRIENDS crochet-a-long (CAL), I’ve been getting quite a few questions as to how I work up my mini c2c. So, I complied a list of a few things I wanted to make sure to address in my video tutorial and filmed it. Now, it’s a 4 part series because (1) I have no idea what I’m doing tutorial wise. And (2), I’m super duper duper new to YouTube videos (posting and stuff, not watching them). I’m not a crochet tutorial watcher myself, so I hope what I’ve included is helpful for those that are.


In this tutorial, I go over the basic construction of my mini c2c with instructions on increasing, decreasing, color changes, my basic single crochet border, and a little color change trick I’ve picked up after doing many corner-to-corner graphs.

Later on this week I will post my final project that I used this little heart square for, so stay tuned! If you want to join along, here is a link to the heart graph I used. Using whatever colors you want, work up 2 of these hearts with COTTON yarn and you’ll see what we’re going to do with these! For now, check out my YouTube page!



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