Stars, Stripes, and Rings

Figure skating is my first love. It’s the thing I first remember falling in love with. I started figure skating when I was 6 years old. I skated all the way thru college (and beyond), and started coaching as a college student. In fact, I coached on my skates while pregnant with my twins up until the point where I could no longer bend over enough to tie my own skates (at about 7 months).


In case you didn’t know, the 2018 Winter Olympics are about to start (opening ceremonies air February 9 on NBC here in the United States), and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m one of those Winter Olympics fans that annoy the non-Winter Olympics fans in my house. When you grew up figure skating, the way you watch the figure skating events is like none-other. For some reason, figure skaters clench and feel the moves happening on the ice. Even if we could never pull those moves off. I want to say it’s muscle memory since that’s what was ingrained in my head during every practice. Perhaps it’s the excitement of the event. Or a combination. Whatever it is, it happens. And I’m looking forward to going thru this again starting next week :)

You can find all the information on when each event is happening here on this awesome schedule: Time’s Winter Olympic Schedule PyeongChang2018

Or on the official PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics website.


It’s been cold here lately and I’ve been cuddling up in my house with scarves and sweaters and blankets galore. I knew I’d want to watch the Pyeongchang Olympics with something…festive. So, I whipped up a little something to wear–a Team USA scarf. Now I’m ready to cheer on all of the amazing athletes as they represent their own countries (of course I’ll cheer a little louder for our own athletes).

down the ice1

I worked up this super scarf using a size H (5.0mm) hook, worsted weight (on the lighter side) yarn from Hobby Lobby’s line I Love This Yarn, and a traditional corner-to-corner (c2c) stitch. The entire scarf is worked up in one piece, with the stars added on afterwards as appliques. I finished the piece off with a simple single crochet border around the edge, taking care to do sc+chain 2+sc in each corner.

with skates

You can grab the file for this graph right here:

ChaosAndChopSuey-Team USA Olympic Scarf-Graph pattern

You can grab the file for the written instructions (for the graph) right here:

ChaosAndChopSuey-Team USA Olympic Scarf-Written Instructions

Here are the colors that I used for this scarf:

scarf colors

And those awesome star appliques? Well, I found them in two different places. The large stars are from One Dog Woof. I followed her directions as written for my 3 largest stars, making the stars one layer thick, then attaching them to my scarf with a needle and the long remaining tail from each star. And the 2 smallest stars are from Repeat Crafter Me, again, as written.



As always, feel free to use my patterns to make gifts or items to sell, but do not copy my images or patterns in any shape. It’s awesome when you link back to my page on social media. To check out more of my patterns, head on over to my Ravelry store!

Don’t forget to tag me or use my #ChaosAndChopSuey hashtag when posting on social media–I love seeing what you all are doing!!


<3, Angela


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