I Otterly Love You

One of my favorite YouTube videos is of a pair of sea otters floating around holding hands. It’s just sooo gosh darn cute. And yes, they actually do hold hands. It helps keep them from drifting apart while they’re floating around.

It seems that sea otters have worked their way into popular culture lately. A quick search on Etsy alone pulls up over 2,000 results.  One of my favorites is this super cute enamel “You’re My Significant Otter” pin sold by Tiny Bee Cards on Etsy:


So when I  asked to test an amigurumi pattern of a sea otter, I jumped at the chance! Tommy over at Snips And Stitches Shop on Etsy recently released his Emmet the Otter crochet pattern and it is just too cute. I love making amigurumi–they’re usually smaller projects (in comparison to my graphgans) and easy to do while on-the-go. My Emmet the Otter was worked up using my favorite–I Love This Yarn line from Hobby Lobby.



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