Mother, wife, and Pinterest addict, there is never a dull moment in our home–twin toddlers, a couple of rowdy yet well-behaved dogs, a million half-finished DIY projects, and a to-do list that rivals Santa’s naughty list will do that to you. I like to bounce around from project to project and love to get fully engrossed.

At the moment, I am passionate about my children (duh!), graduate school, figuring out my Bright Spring season, my all too time consuming when you have toddlers running around wanting to “help mommy” (in toddler speak, “help in the garden” is akin to pulling out the carrots before they’re ready to harvest and pulling all the “pretty flowers off the bean stalks”) in the vegetable garden,  trying to find time to write, and in-between it all, trying to find time to be a wife. In my free time…more like, in my “wishing I had free time” time, I’d likely spend it playing Mario Kart, crocheting and playing with yarn, scrapbooking (hel-lo Project Life!), doing crossword puzzles, or eating raw chocolate chip cookie dough.

Welcome to Chaos and Chop Suey where there’s always a little bit of chaos and a whole lot of Chop Suey (aka a bit of everything) happening!


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