Grease Crochet-A-Long: WEEK #12

It’s getting to be that time again–the end of a crochet-a-long. We have just 2 more weeks left of our GREASE crochet-a-long! And, just like previous CALs, the end means more detailed (aka lots of color changes) weekly and bonus panels. So if you’re just joining us, go ahead and start at the beginning (or at least a few weeks back) because I’m going to start pulling out all the stops on graph details.

This week’s panel inspiration comes from the drive-in scene. The snack bar commercial in the background during Danny’s solo always stands out when I watch that scene, so I coupled that with a little bit of Danny and Sandy in his red car to create this panel. Here are the two clips I pulled inspiration from:

Week #12: Stranded at the Drive-In…

Stranded at the Drive-In

By this point, you should be weaving in all your loose ends (don’t wait until the last minute to do this…you’ll thank me later for bugging you about it now) and finishing off each panel with an even SC (single crochet) border. You don’t NEED to do the single crochet border, but I HIGHLY suggest is as it makes joining your panels so much easier. Using the same color yarn as the background. My mini c2c = 2 sc in each chain 2 space + 2 sc evenly spaced out in the 3HDC + (sc + chain 2 + sc) in each corner. You can check out my blog post on this here.


For more information on the this CAL or to purchase your copy of this crochet-a-long, head on over to my Ravelry store. It’s never too late to join us!

Feel free to make and sell products using this, but because I put a lot of time and love into this big CAL project, I ask that you give me credit or if it’s online somewhere, you link back to me. If you’re not a part of our CAL Facebook group, come and join us in our special Facebook group reserved only for those that are doing the GREASE CAL with us (you can find information on how to join that particular group in your purchased pattern).

I can’t wait to see what you do with this! The official hastag for this CAL is:


“She looks too pure to be pink.” –Rizzo

<3, Angela