Staring at that blank page

Nothing is more intimidating than a blank page staring right back at you. Just think about it. Getting started is the hardest part. At least for me it is. I started this blog 4 weeks ago. 4 weeks and I’ve yet to publish a “real” post (my testing post doesn’t count). I keep feeling like my first post needs to be this intelligent, well thought out piece, but my ideas keep failing me. I’ve sat down to write several times, but I was always distracted by something of more greater importance. So here I am. Ripping off the proverbial Band-Aid.

My words don’t need to be poignant and life-changing. Just like those little every day choices you make as a mom. The anxieties I have as a mom are sometimes often times ridiculous. Silly things that I worry fret about once in a while like: Yes, the children will be okay eating strawberries two meals in a row. At least they want to strawberries and not just chocolate chips (yes, my son BEGS for those sorta gross, last resort, eat them when you have a chocolate craving but have nothing in the house, semi sweet chocolate chips). Yes, the children will be okay because they’re playing with a toy for the fun of it and not because it has some magical developmental attribute associated with it. I’m sure you can relate to similar situations, since if you’re reading this, I’m probably already friends with you, family (“Hi Mom”), or one of my “mommy friends.”

I save all the good worrying for bigger things–what kind of school are my kids going to go to, how are we going to pay for the twins to go to college, will we be able to go on vacation this year, where and when will the Army be sending us next, and what should we have for dinner. Yes, I worry about what we’re having for dinner because, frankly, I loathe making dinner. I love to eat, but making dinner with 2 crabby toddlers trying to pull down my shorts or cold wet noses trying to go up my shorts, stepping on giant Legos (the big ones hurt just as much as the little ones do), tripping on a scrunched up rug (scrunched up because one of said toddlers was racing around the kitchen-living room-playroom track we conveniently had installed for them for this purpose when we bought this house on his little John Deere hand-me-down tractor that just so happens to scrunch up the kitchen rugs just enough to trip on them and not see it coming), and just waiting for daddy to come home from his long day at work. This is why I’m uber thankful for Pinterest because without all my meal planning ideas and thousands of recipes I have pinned, dinner would never get made.

I need to figure out how I can get a job working at Pinterest. In my dreams, I figure it’s a lot like working for Google, but with craft ideas and organization up the yin-yang (again, in my dream, I see the Google campus as depicted in the movie “The Internship” starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, but with decorations, paint samples, inspirational quotes, and crafts exploding out of all cracks in the sidewalks.) I wonder if my MBA (in progress) will help me find a job at Pinterest…

Anyway, as you will soon find out, sidetracking is my game and I play it well to win.