Gilmore Girls CAL-Border

I was reminded yesterday that I still hadn’t written anything up on the border I decided to use for my Gilmore Girls graphgan. I had a hard deciding what colors I was going to use (I used so many different colors in this blanket, that I had many to choose from) for the border, but finally decided on going with a Chilton plaid color scheme since I never got around to finishing that Chilton plaid mini-banner I wanted to do.


Here are the colors I used (and the order from top to bottom) in which I used them:

Border colors.jpg

Once my blanket was complete, I used white to do a round of HDC all the way around. Then from there, I just did a simple Moss stitch round in each of the 3 remaining colors. Moss stitch is SC + chain 1, skip the next stitch below and SC + chain 1 in the next stitch. Once you’ve finished your first row of SC + chain 1, you will then SC in the chain 1 space for the rows after that. It’s a clean, simple, quick border that doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your blanket.


For the corners, I did an SC + chain 2 + SC combo in each corner. The 2 SCs in that combo are always done in the chain 2 space created in the previous row. Be sure not to pull your yarn really tight when working on this border or you will end up with a scrunched up border (ripples). If you are a tight crocheter, you may want to even consider going up a hook size for the border.

Border Corner 1.jpg

While my Gilmore Girls CAL posts will stay up and remain free, for convenience, I have also combined all of these graphs into one giant PDF file for those that would like to purchase a copy of it condensed, rather than having to hunt thru my posts. You can purchase this pattern for a small fee here on Ravelry.

For now, I am gearing up for my FRIENDS CAL that will be starting on January 30th. Stay tuned for more information!

As always, for more information on the this CAL, check out this IMPORTANT DOCUMENT.

Feel free to make and sell products using this, but because I put a lot of time and love into this big CAL project, I ask that you give me credit or if it’s online somewhere, you link back to me. If you’re not a part of our CAL FB group, come and join us here.

I can’t wait to see what you do with this! The official hastag for this CAL is:


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<3, Angela