100 Happy Days

100Happy Days2I started. Again. I think this is my 4 billionth attempt at this. What am I talking about? The #100happydays challenge. It’s a challenge you sign up for and pledge to find just ONE thing to be happy about every day for the next 100 days and take a photo of it to document it. (You can sign up here.)

The goal behind it is to find joy and happiness in the little and mundane things you do every day. As  a way of tracking your progress, when you sign up, you register a hashtag for posting your daily photos. You don’t HAVE to share your progress on social media (there is an option to email the photos if that’s your kind of thing), but since that’s how the whole thing got started anyway, it is highly encouraged.

be-so-happyThe last time I tried this, I got up to day 45 and stopped. Something always comes up and I slowly start to lose my momentum and time just slips away. The people over at 100HappyDays want you to make being happy a habit. By participating and forcing holding you accountable for finding just *ONE* thing to be happy about every day for 100 straight days, the hope is that by the end of the challenge, you will be a happier person and be able to appreciate and enjoy everything–the everyday, the mundane. Basically, life. Now, I’ve never made it to 100 days, but typically by the 3rd week, I notice that I am less grumpy, I laugh more (I don’t laugh nearly enough as I should), and I am just generally happier with myself and the life I live. I feel lighter inside, almost as if the dark little cloud that builds up after the monotony of day-to-day life is lifted. It is an attitude changer for me and I love it simply for that.

wpid-img_20140109_131548This time around, I have a group of girlfriends that signed up with me. With our love and support for one another, we’re pretty good at reminding each other when the end of the day is coming near and someone’s forgotten to post something. It’s always so nice to be surrounded by genuinely happier people, and even better when it’s your girlfriends :)

If you make it to the end of the challenge, head on over to their DONE page and put in your request to receive your 100HappyDays moments printed and sent to you–for FREE!! That’s right, FREE. Who doesn’t like free? When you put in your request for your photos, your name jumps in line and waits for someone to sponsor your prints. It’s not a scam. Totally legit. In keeping with the happy vibe, there is an option to pay-it-forward and give someone else in line a chance to receive their photos. You don’t even need to do the challenge to pay-it-forward. If you’re feeling generous and want to donate a little happiness to someone, click here.

So who’s with me? Anyone else up for the challenge? It’s never too late to start!